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Congratulations on your engagement! The next big step becomes planning your wedding day. You may be wondering. what is the advantage to having an event coordinator? Hopefully the following FAQ will help answer this and other questions that are undoubtedly racing through your head right now:
What is the advantage to having an Event Coordinator?
Oh so many advantages! Lets start with the big three time, cost, and peace of mind:
Time - At Missing Piece Events, we realize that time is valuable. Especially when planning your wedding. Once you set your date, you are immediately up against a deadline.

Cost - You have a budget, now let us help you stick to it! We work with vendors to help get you what you want at a cost that works for you. Our overall knowledge of wedding budgets, standard cost allocations, and the Vermont wedding landscape will help keep you on target with your spending while still allowing for the dream wedding you always wanted. We work closely with all vendors to ensure you get the best possible rates with an honest approach to what is possible in each individual circumstance.
Peace of Mind - The last thing you want to be worrying about during your wedding planning is if you are making the right decisions in regards to vendors, design, location, etc. With an experienced wedding coordinator, you can relax and take comfort in the fact that if we are recommending a service; we stand behind its quality.